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Academia Portuguesa de Cinema

The Academy aims to promote Portuguese cinema nationally and internationally, to foster the development of the cinematographic arts, to promote the relationship and exchange of scientific, artistic and technical information between all its members and to award annual prizes to the best films and performances in the various professional categories of cinema activity.


Adesiva started out as the idea of one and is now the personal project of a few more! We are a team made up of professi... by highly qualified dreamers. We are creative, determined and yes, professionals, with the common objective of Idealize, Create and Produce. Until we arrive to Adesiva, we went through some of the best known Portuguese and foreign audiovisual companies, such as RTP, TVI, Plural Entertainment, Axis Animation, Passion Pictures, Mandala, WTVision, Rumos, Flag, or Freemantle Media, and in various areas such as theater, television and cinema, but here is where we feel complete. Each creative has its place in our team, just as each character has its place in each story. We define ourselves as creative and dreamers, just as a good storyteller should be, and that is also one of our great passions. We always looking for the best stories to tell and tell them in the best possible way.

Agence G37

The Agence G37 is a photo and film production company Building an experience since 1993 in the advertising world in Paris gave to Géraldine Ribeiro, French- Portuguese, who manages the Agence G37 in Lisbon, her knowledge in photography, fashion and film. Producer and Art buyer, she was working in Paris on the luxury and fashion department, recommending photographers for campaigns, dealing with casting and productions for worldwide campaign for clients as Lacoste, Celine, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Lancel, Dunhill, Audemars Piguet, Volvo etc… she opened in 2008 in Portugal her Agence G37. The Agence G37 and its partners not only execute a creative and qualitative work, but also guarantees to respect the deadlines within budget, and offer friendliness, smiles and good humor. We have a file of hundreds of amazing places and locations all around the country, Ask us what you need, we will find it. We do full-services of production. We speak French, Portuguese and English.

Agência da Curta Metragem

The Portuguese Short Film Agency was created in January 1999 by the same team of Curtas Vila do Conde — International Film Festival, in association with ICAM — Portuguese Film Institute. The Agency deals with a catalogue of more than 140 audiovisual works, including animation, documentary, fiction, experimental film or other, and all formats (16 or 35mm films, videos produced with professional support), providing that their duration would be less than 60 minutes, that is, on condition that it would be a short film. Our activity consists in the promotion and diffusion of these works through the main film events, festivals and short film markets, as well as all the potential exhibitors (distributors, television or any other diffusion channels) at worldwide level.

Agente a Norte

Agente a Norte is both a producer and an actor's agency, we have been in the market since November 2014, being the agency the biggest bet of the project and the aspect with the most visibility. Agente a Norte was founded by Diana Roquette and Marta Lima, both production directors, who, throughout their professional career, have worked with different national and foreign producers, in television formats (soap operas and series), cinema, documentary and advertising. . At Norte we intend to maintain our investment in production services, not necessarily aimed at international operators, as is usual in Portugal, but at projects related to other national producers to whom we can continue to provide services, such as: • Professional production teams • Casting and Scouting Direction • Studio and office rental • Locations/Repérage One of our short-term goals is the independent production of fiction and documentary, which started in 2017.

AGFILMS, Film & Photo Productions

AG Films is a Portuguese - Canadian Film Service Company based in Lisbon working exclusively for international clients. We offer a full range of film, TV and photo production service and support for shooting locales across Portugal. For over 20 years, AG Films has earned a place as one of the top film service companies in Portugal. We pride ourselves on helping our clients make world class commercial projects. Our friendly and professional producers, technicians and crew deliver a production experience that keeps our clients coming back. We also build friendships, share laughs and our passion for Portuguese culture.