A Espia

Drama | Adventure
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Jorge Paixão da Costa, João Maia, Edgar Pêra


Ukbar Films

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Daniela Ruah, Maria João Bastos, Diogo Morgado, Adriano Carvalho, Marco D’Almeida, António Capelo, Luís Eusébio, Miro Magariños, Pedro Lamares, Sysley Dias, Afonso Lagarto, Adriano Luz, Xosé Barato, Miguel Frazão, Patrícia Tavares, María Costas, Manuel San Martín, Matilde Serrão


Several espionage networks operated in Portugal during WWII. A Espia follows one of those networks, “Shell”.
Commanded by the British operating in Portugal between 1941 and 1942, Shell had a plan to destruct infrastructures and counterespionage, in case the country should be invaded by the German.
Inspired by Shell and part of its operating agents, we created two charactres: Maria João and Rose. Together, they will guide us through the labyrinths of espionage, in the service of the warring powers: the allies and the Germans. They will show us the ins and outs of the propaganda of the time, the ideological battle that marked this era, such as the falsification of passports, the complex negotiations of wolfram – the most valuable ore of the 2nd World War.
Our protagonists are at the centre of a diplomatic chessboard whose moves are played out over lavish parties, golf matches, sabotage, casinos, code messages and assassinations.

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