Churchill in Madeira

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Joana Pontes


Joana Pontes



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Ana Margarida Araújo Camacho, Eduardo Jesus, Egídio Teles, Francis Zino, José Pacheco Pereira, Marcelino Abreu, Michael Blandy, Miguel Albuquerque, Nuno Mota, Paulo Miguel Rodrigues, Raimundo Quintal


Sunday, January 1st, 1950. The ship Durban Castle enters, at dusk, in the bay of Funchal, capital of the Archipelago of Madeira. On board is Winston Churchill,former British prime minister, hailed as a World War II hero and central figure in the Allied countries’ victory against Hitler. His arrival is celebrated with fireworks and a crowd that celebrates him enthusiastically Churchill is accompanied by his wife, daughter, two secretaries, a literary assistant, the butler and two bodyguards. He will stay at the Reid’s Palace Hotel, invited by its owners, the English Blandy family, and the English consul in Madeira, his friend Bryce Nairn. Reid’s is one of the most famous hotels in the world and has just reopened after being closed for ten years due to the war. Churchill is spending two weeks on the island on holidays, to write his memoirs and paint. The main theme of this mini-series of two episodes of about 50 minutes each will be the preparation and the visit of Winston Churchill to Madeira in 1950. Using reconstructions, current footage, archive and testimonies, the narrative development of this theme will allow the approach of various aspects of the history of Madeira and of Winston Churchill.

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