Da Mood

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Sérgio Graciano


SPi em co-produção com Caos Calmo e Coyote Vadio

Release Date

4 de junho de 2022


Miguel Raposo, José Mata, Diogo Martins, Leo Bahia, Tiago Teotónio, Rui Melo, Maria João Bastos, Barbara França, Rita Tristão e Carolina Carvalho.


Rui is a music teacher and lives unsatisfied with his life. One day, seeing a t-shirt with a picture of the Backstreet Boys, he has the idea of creating a boy band as a solution to his problems. To do so, he asks an artistic agent and long-time friend to help him find the remaining elements of the band. This is how it all begins in Da Mood!
As in all boy bands, this will be a journey with disillusionments, creative misunderstandings, fights for leadership, drug and alcohol abuse, arguments over money, constant harassment from women… Everything that a rock star biography is entitled to.

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