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Patrícia Sequeira

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Inês Aires Pereira, Lígia Roque, Ana Valentim, Rita Durão, Rodrigo Tomás, Rui Maria Pêgo, Ana Padrão, Dinarte Freitas, Márcia Breia, Tomás Taborda, Inês Rosado, Rita Rocha Silva, Miguel Amorim, Nádia Yracema, Catarina Requeijo, João Cravo Cardoso, Valerie Braddell, Irma, Iris Cayatte, Nuno Nolasco


Rita has just lost her best friend and roommate, Bia. She’s sad, unmotivated and apathetic, when the internet search algorithm proposes her a phone that allows her to live the lives of other people.
In need of a change in her life, she decides to install Appy and try the several options that the app has to offer.

In other people’s lives, among misunderstandings and adventures, Rita experiences new sensations and is able to have fun. Nevertheless, Rita doesn’t realize that the app, still in its experimental phase, has errors that will cause irreversible consequences in her life.

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