Der Lissabon-Krimi

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Tim Trageser


Thomas Freundner

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Jürgen Tarrach, Vidina Popov, Orestes Fiedler, Katharina Pichler, Luís Lucas, Timur Isik, Caroline Ebner, Daniel Scholz, Beatriz Mendes, Márcia Breia, Dinarte Branco, Filipa Nascimento, Marques D'Arede, Margarida Cardeal, Luisa Ortigoso, Helen Woigk


For many Lisbon street children, Padre Crístovao Lima is the last refuge. He tries to help the children protect them, while for businessmen like Carlos Mendes or unscrupulous cops like Sargento Gomes they are a nuisance they want to get rid of. Crístovao and his idealistic project are exposed to a lot of hostility, but he remains unwavering by his street children. But then it is Crístovao of all people who is found with a dead boy in his arms. Little Pelé was suffocated and – a victim of sexual abuse. Crístovao is silent on all allegations, even to his lawyer Eduardo Silva and his assistant Marcia Amaya he does not open up. What is he hiding? Sometimes he reveals things that only the perpetrator can know. Is this apparently upright, honest cleric a pedophile rapist and murderer? For Eduardo and Marcia an almost hopeless case, which becomes even more hopeless when another street child turns up who accuses Crístovao of abuse.

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