My Grandfather’s Demons

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Nuno Beato


Possidónio Cachapa, Cristina Pinheiro

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Vitória Guerra, António Durães, Ana Sofia, Celso Bugallo, Óscar Branco, João Tempera, Nuno Lopes


Rosa, a top professional, highly rated in the business market, leads a demanding life entirely dedicated to her work. The death of her grandfather, from whom she had progressively distanced herself due to her inexhaustible work, ends up causing her a sudden attack of stress that puts her choices in doubt. Rosa then decides to leave the city and sets out to find the place and the memories of her childhood, lived at her grandfather’s side. When she arrives at the isolated property in the middle of the landscape of Trás-os-Montes, she discovers that her grandfather has left her a plot of land practically abandoned and her childhood home almost in ruins. Driven by remorse and the need to find a new direction for herself, she tries to rebuild the house and the fields. Rosa, however, is not alone. Besides the people with whom she will establish new bonds, a group of clay demons modelled by her grandfather appear who seem, at times, to come to life, advising her and guiding and consoling her, as he himself would have done.

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