O Pai Tirano

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João Gomes


Patrícia Muller e Miguel Viterbo

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José Raposo, Miguel Raposo, Jessica Athayde, Carolina Loureiro, Mafalda Vilhena, Igor Regalla, João Craveiro, Marcantonio Del Carlo, Rita Loureiro, Cleia Almeida, Susana Blazer, Rui Luís Brás, Jorge Mourato, Diogo Amaral, Rita Blanco, Diogo Valsassina, Liliana Santos, Rita Poças




“O Pai Tirano” is a comedy that intends, in a good-humoured way, to lay bare what it is to be Portuguese – both in 1940 and in 2021.
This remake tells the story of a theatre company, of men and women in love and of mistakes and misunderstandings. Chico loves Tatão, who is courted by Artur. Grace loves Chico but doesn’t know that he loves Tatão. Santana writes a play for the Grandelinhas that will serve as a script for Chico’s passion and convince Tatão that he is a rich count. The play is then staged and they all end up in prison.
In this father Tirano 2021, we will have a new version of the plot full of humour, futuristic pre-visions, images of Lisbon and Portugal of the time and joyful music. In these times, it is an essential proposal for the recovery of confidence in us and in our country.

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