Parque Mayer

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António-Pedro Vasconcelos


MGN Films

Release Date

6 december 2018


Francisco Froes Daniela Melchior Diogo Morgado Miguel Guilherme Alexandra Lencastre


Lisbon, 1933.
Deolinda, a young girl from the province who has the dream of being an artist in Parque Mayer, presents herself in a casting for chorus girls for the new show at the Maria Vitória theatre. During the rehearsals, she falls in love with Mário, the director, but he is fascinated by Eduardo, the star of the show who, in turn, tries to seduce Deolinda…
At the same time the Estado Novo starts to tighten the noose and freedom is more and more limited…
An entertaining and moving tribute to the “Revista” and to all those who fought for freedom in Parque Mayer, recovering the memory of a time when few (like now) had the courage to warn that the dark clouds of fascism were approaching.

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