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Gonçalo Waddington

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Hugo Fernandes, Alba Baptista, Teresa Sobral, Carla Maciel, Raphael Tschudi, Miguel Herz-Kestranek, Adriano Carvalho, João Pedro Benard


Patrick, 20 years old, lives in Paris with his older boyfriend, and runs a teen porn site. During a raid at a party, where he was filming himself in a sex scene with an underage girl, he is taken to prison. The authorities then discover his true identity: Mario, a boy who was kidnapped in Portugal 12 years ago. He is given the option of returning to his family and collaborating in the investigation and dismantling of a paedophile network.
When Mario returns to Portugal, he finds his family again and tries to adapt to a new reality. He is received with mistrust, for no one understands why he didn’t return when he escaped from the house where he was imprisoned. His mother has difficulty in recognising her son and communicating with him. The only person Mario can open up to is his 22-year-old cousin, to whom he feels a strong attraction. But his two identities are in conflict: his life of partying, drugs and promiscuity in Paris; and his new rural life in a broken family.

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