Crimes Submersos / Sequía

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Joaquín Llamas López, Oriol Ferrer


Joaquín Llamas, Miguel Sáez

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Marco D´Almeida, Elena Rivera, Guilherme Filipe, Margarida Marinho, Miryam Gallego, Rodolfo Sancho e Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Soraia Chaves, Paula Lobo Antunes, Rita Loureiro, Diogo Martins, Luís Ganito, João Craveiro, João Baptista, Fernando Rodrigues


Due to a period of extreme drought, the Campomediano reservoir runs out of water, leaving uncovered an ancient submerged village where two mummified corpses with bullet wounds are found.
Inspector Daniela Yanes and journalist Óscar Santos suspect that the crime may be related to the environmental protests that, twenty years earlier, sought to stop the enlargement of the dam. But when Portuguese inspector Hélder Gomes joins the investigation, instigated to find out if one of the bodies belongs to the heir of the Sousa Cardoso family – one of the most powerful Portuguese families – the case takes on new contours, involving the also powerful Barbosa family, owner of the dam concession.
The drought uncovers secrets that have remained hidden for many years. It’s time to reveal them…

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