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João Nicolau


O Som e a Fúria, Shellac Sud

Release Date

7 november 2019


Miguel Lobo Antunes Luísa Cruz Ricardo Teixeira Sandra Faleiro Tiago Garrinhas Ana Tang Jorge Andrade Duarte Guimarães Matias Neves José Raposo Mick Greer Bruno Lourenço


Luís Rovisco, a divorced sexagenarian, expects to soon cease his functions as commercial director of the company SegurVale – Sistemas Integrados de Controlo de Circulação. He waits, seated, most of the time behind the wheel and singing about what is happening in front of him. With a quick response and an easy smile, he is the master of a baggage that allows him to escape the traps that technology, colleagues and a mysterious absent boss seem to sow on his way. Neither the death of Napoleon (a cat), nor a persistent pain in the knee, nor a family unravelling makes him collapse: there is no evil that a song cannot overcome. But in front of Lucinda, the receptionist at the Almadrava Hotel, the music is different.

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