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Simão Cayatte


Patrícia Müller



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Gabriela Barros, Joana de Verona, João Baptista, Mariana Cardoso, Santiago André, Isabél Zuaa, Paulo Calatré, Raúl Prieto, Tomás Taborda, Danilo da Matta, Francisco Goulão, João Cobanco, Mauro Hermínio, Ana Saragoça, Filipa Leão, Joana Manuel, Nicolas Brites, Pedro Casablanc, Paula Só, Paulo Manso, Nádia Santos, Sara Madeira, Patricia Garó, João Pedro Vaz, Érica Rodrigues, Juan Meseguer, Hélder Ramos, Carlos Carvalho, Vicente Wallenstein, Clara Nogueira, Paula Garcia, Rui Luis Braz, Ángeles Marcos, Marta Gil, João Garcia Miguel, Rosa Villa, Teresa Faria, Cecília Sousa, Bruno Realista


Costa da Caparica, Lisboa


Based on the true story of Dulce, a Portuguese woman who single-handedly robbed 12 banks using only a plastic pistol. She was arrested and sentenced to 7 years in prison. Vanda Lopes, 37, is happily married and has two children. She owns a hairdresser’s in Costa da Caparica and lives a quiet life. The day she catches her husband, Mário, in bed with another woman, Vanda’s world falls apart. Mário has also betrayed her financially and stolen everything from her. Vanda is penniless and can’t take it anymore. Desperate, she gets a plastic pistol and enters a bank branch. From the moment she pulls off her first robbery, Vanda begins to be investigated by the police. Elisa Gonçalves is a forensic psychologist who is surprised by Vanda and begins to pursue this robber who breaks all the known patterns of this type of crime: Vanda is a woman and acts alone, with a gun and the same black disguise. That’s why she is known as “Black Widow”. Vanda will be arrested when she makes an emotional mistake: the fact that she is a mother will force her to make a fatal choice… There will be 12 robberies full of adventures and creative thieves that drive the story forward and change Vanda’s life forever.

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