Portugal Film Commission launches today, May 31st 2021, the Green Shooting Portugal, a good practice guide that aims to raise awareness and inform the audio-visual sector on how to follow sustainable environmental practices, promoting its role as an agent of change leading to greener production models, based on the fundamental rule of the six R’s: rethink, refuse, reduce, repair, reuse and recycle.

Making the filming process in Portugal environmentally conscious allows for promoting competitive advantages regarding the optimization of resources, local economies, and the promotion of synergies that are specific to each territory, being, as well, an important step in transitioning to a sustainable economy.

Elaborated by Portugal Film Commission, with the participation with associations within the sector, and the Environment, Culture and Tourism tutelages, this document will enable the best “environmentally friendly” choices to be made throughout the entire production process.

From a set of general guidelines, specific rules are then defined for the different phases and areas of production (from pre- to post-production, through Scouting, energy, equipment, catering, wardrobe), along with a checklist that helps better identify and monitor the adoption of forms of management and efficient use of resources, and practices that allow for the reduction of the environmental impact of the activities of the teams involved throughout the entire production process.

The Green Shooting Portugal – Guide to sustainable filming can be consulted here.

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