Our Mission

The Portugal Film Commission’s mission is to promote the internationalisation of Portugal as a destination for filming, as well as streamline all filming requests procedures by Portuguese and foreign producers, in Portugal.

According to RCM No. 85/2019, the PFC’s competences are as follows:

1. Create conditions for the affirmation and promotion of Portugal in the world as a destination of excellence for the production and direction of international filming;

2. Guarantee the international projection of Portugal, mainland and autonomous regions, as a privileged destination for filming;

3. Contribute to the national and international dissemination of the Support Fund for Tourism and Cinema, as a competitive instrument designed to capture cinematographic and audiovisual production for Portugal;

4. Define best practices and methods to support national and international producers in filming;

5. Ensure the articulation with all services in the scope of the performance of their tasks, namely accompanying the creation and implementation of the one-stop shop for procedures, in the field of support and licensing;

6. Guarantee and ensure articulation with regional tourism entities, namely in the promotion, exhibition and discovery of filming locations;

7. Establish, together with regional tourism entities, quick channels for local monitoring of productions within the territory;

8. To guarantee the functioning and operability of the «PIC Portugal» platform, in conjunction with the service platform that supports the ePortugal website and the websites of Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual, I. P. (ICA, I. P.) and Turismo de Portugal, IP, through the iAP interoperability platform, ensuring the evolution towards the dematerialisation of processes and the provision of services through digital means;

9. To guarantee, in the relationship with entities in the national territory, an effective, informed and collaborative articulation, namely with municipalities and parishes;

10. Promote the creation of databases of the various providers of technical and logistical services existing in the national territory, with a view to ensuring the best use of existing resources and conditions to support filming;

11. To ensure the correct identification and reporting of the needs and practical difficulties of film production, at a national level, so that solutions can be created, providing Portugal with the necessary means to guarantee the successful implementation of filmmaking;

12. Identify legislative or regulatory changes to simplify and standardise administrative procedures for licensing, authorisation or prior communication necessary for the production of footage in the national territory;

13. Collaborate in the elaboration of the multi-annual strategic plan for cinema and audiovisual, in the context of internationalisation, provided for in article 3 of Decree-Law no. 25/2018, of 24 April;

14. To propose, fundamentally, the definitive institutional and governance model for the national Film Commission, according to the best international practices, after a comparative analysis of the most important foreign structures and that guarantees high standards of excellence in this domain.