Filming in Portugal. See the big picture

“Filming in Portugal: See the big picture” is the film industry podcast of the Portugal Film Commission.

The professor and journalist Martin Dale hosts the show, interviewing professionals of the audiovisual and film sector who will share their insights into some of the most up to date issues and trends on film.

New episodes available every two weeks on Portugal Film Commission’s website and on the podcast platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Episode 10 | At the core of animation there are human relationships

Rita Ataíde Novais, development producer at BBC Studios Productions, joins this episode of “Filming in Portugal. See the big picture” and explains the process of developing a project “from the seed stage, when it is just an idea”.

Keeping in mind that is the human relationship that inspires the production of animated concepts for kids, Rita believes this content may also appeal to families.

There was still time to talk about Chopping Wood Chips, an animated short film by Rita made in laser cut wooden pieces.

The episode transcript is available here.

Episode 9 | The present and future of independent TV producers

Despite the challenges of a changing world, independent TV producers are thriving.

Susana Gato, executive president of the Portuguese Association of Independent Television Producers (APIT), presents herself as an enthusiast, while pointing out some of the biggest issues faced by the sector: geo-blocking, intellectual property, and artificial intelligence.

In terms of the role of women in the industry, Susana has no doubt: there is still a long way to go for gender equality, on and off screen.

The episode transcript is available here.

Episode 8 | From screen to reality. The two-way street of film tourism

The Sound of Music and Turn of the Tide might be 58 years apart. But one thing they have in common is the power to bring tourists to Salzburg (Austria) and Rabo de Peixe (in the Azores, Portugal), aiming to visit places they see on screen.

Conducting a PhD research in sustainable screen tourism destination development, Sara Trigo looks on how film tourism has become a popular trend in recent years.

This episode of “Filming in Portugal: See the big picture” travels through the opportunities and challenges that movie induced tourism brings both to the industry and to the local communities.

The episode transcript is available here.

Find out more about the topics covered during this episode through the academic references shared by Sara Trigo.

Episode 7 | The animation industry is growing – and it delights people from all ages

The path made by the animation industry over the last years is made of a high-speed development, namely due to a technical evolution that is boosting production in emerging countries.

Marcel Jean, artistic director of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, goes through the changes on the formats, the diversity of the audiences, and how animation students are bringing new themes into the spotlight.

This episode of “Filming in Portugal: See the big picture” also foresees the next edition of Annecy Festival, where Portugal is going to be the featured country.

The episode transcript is available here.

Episode 6 | What is the role of sound design in filmmaking?

It may act like an invisible character, but as George Lucas once said, sound is 50% of the movie-going experience.

That is exactly what Nuno Fonseca, CEO at Sound Particles, recalls in this episode of “Filming in Portugal: See the big picture”.

A conversation that goes around the use of virtual particles in sound design, and how some of the most prominent Hollywood studios are using a software developed by a company based in a Portuguese medium-sized city called Leiria.

The episode transcript is available here.

Episode 5 | 3, 2, 1… Action! When film and TV series impact tourism

For the last years, much has been said about the impact of film and TV series’ production on local communities. But is it possible to measure this impact? Can it be fruitful for both parties?

Filipa Maria Cardoso is the director for communications and digital marketing at Turismo de Portugal, the public entity responsible for managing the Tourism, Cinema and Audiovisual Support Fund together with the Portuguese Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual (ICA).

In this episode of “Filming in Portugal: See the big picture”, Filipa looks at the benefits of hosting film and TV productions for the promotion of the country, its locations, and its culture.

The episode transcript is available here.

Episode 4 | Cooperation vs competition: who wins the pitch for major productions?

The competition in the film industry is also made up of who attracts the most promising productions. Different countries offer different incentives, while sharing the same target: to captivate international productions.

But at the end of the day, Carlota Guerrero and Adrian Mitchell, Co-Presidents of the European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN), believe that cooperation is the key.

In this episode of “Filming in Portugal: See the big picture”, Guerrero and Mitchell look at the first year in charge of the EUFCN, and its role when it comes to strengthening the film and TV sector in Europe.

The episode transcript is available here.

Episode 3 | Knock, knock! Sustainability is at the door of film and AV productions

Among all the challenges faced by the film and audiovisual sector, a new quest came up over the last years: the urge to make greener productions.

Maryllis Gonzalez, line producer based between the UK and Spain, talks about her experience putting sustainability measures in place for the film crew.

While Maryllis claims that “my consumer is my crew”, she also shares some of the key issues of the near future: certification, data collection and the fact that digital does not mean green.

The episode transcript is available here.

Episode 2 | Independent filmmaking: festivals, boundaries, and today’s challenges

What’s the place of independent filmmaking in a world where streaming platforms keep strengthening their position?

In the second episode of “Filming in Portugal: See the big picture”, Markus Duffner, head of Locarno Pro, reflects on the opportunities and challenges faced by independent cinema today.

The role of film festivals around the world, the blend of auteur and genre films, and the presence of Portugal at Locarno Film Festival are some other topics of this episode. 

The episode transcript is available here.

Episode 1 | Cash rebate, co-productions, and countless locations. Welcome to Portugal

Although Portugal is on the far edge of Europe, the country has opened doors to film and audiovisual productions from all over the world.

Luís Chaby Vaz, film commissioner and president of the Portuguese Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual (ICA), is the first guest of the podcast “Filming in Portugal. See the big picture”.

A conversation about incentives, co-production agreements, and the strategy to position Portugal in “a very competitive environment – the international competition for grabbing big productions.”

The episode transcript is available here.