Facts about Portugal

Official Name: Portuguese Republic

Official language: Portuguese

Capital: Lisbon

Member State of the European Union since 1 January 1986

Currency: € (EUR)

Schengen Area: member since 26 March 1995

Government: 4 sovereign bodies – President of the Republic (Head of State), Assembly of the Republic (Parliament), Government and Courts

Area: 92,226 km2 (including the islands of the Azores and Madeira)

Coastline: 1,793 Km2

Location: Southwest Europe

Population: 10,255,969

Population Density: 111.5/km2

Time zone: Southwest Europe (GMT +1)

Climate: Mediterranean and Oceanic – Annual Average Temperature (2019) of 16ºC/61°F

Borders: North and East with Spain (1,215 km) and South and West with the Atlantic Ocean (832 km). The archipelagos of Madeira and the

Azores are located in the Atlantic Ocean.